Monday, October 11, 2010

Plans change, such is life.

So my original intent was to start writing this before I actually left for college. Just jot down some thoughts and feelings and stuff like that, ya know? Well obviously that didn't happen since I am well into my 3rd week of college and this is my very first post.  But I suppose I should catch you up on some of the highlights of my first few weeks of college.
We had orientation called Wildcat Welcome Weekend our first 4 days here. It kinda sucked but hey, I survived! Got all settled in with my awesome roomie Maureen. And we bought a fish! His name is Gillfin Carlkevin and he's quite the handsome fish if I do say so myself (:
Checked out this dealy called The Bite of the Burg. Got some good free food and about a million free pens. Pretty sure I'm gonna have plenty to get me through college haha. Then classes began...
This quarter I'm taking English 101 (hate it), Sociology 101 (hate it even more), University 101 (it's lame but I have Jamie to keep in company), & Psychology 101 (it's ight, got a pretty awesome prof who makes it more interesting).
We've met pretty awesome people. I live in a pod. To those of you who don't know what that is, there's a door in the hall that leads into a "room" with 5 other rooms inside. So you could say I share a room with 8 other girls. I know it sounds like it could get pretty crazy, but we have AWESOME girls in there (: Living in the pod has a slight disadvantage though. It seems as though people have a fear of going past the pod door even though it's ALWAYS open. But luckily these crazy awesome boys faced the "fear" and introduced themselves to us! We all became close friends and now I practically live in their room haha. All around, Kamola's a pretty sweet dorm, even though we're nick-named "the nerds".
I survived my first college exam. Not sure how I did yet, but I'm keepin my fingers crossed! Right now I'm working on surviving my first college wish me luck there! But I'm pretty proud that I haven't missed a single class and I'm staying on top of my grades.
I'm sure everything sounds fine and dandy, but I've had my fair share of hard times. Schoolwork gets overloaded, people piss you off, and life just gets all around confusing. There's days where I just wanna quit. But I'm no quitter. And there's no way I'd let down the people who worked so hard to get me here. So here's goes nothing. I'm gonna work hard to keep you all updated. Stayed tuned for more stories from this small town girl.

<3 Always,
Kourtney Ann

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